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Bogota Walls November 12, 2010

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Amidst tons of really bad graffiti, there is some pretty interesting street art in Bogota. Here are some quick shots from wandering around the last few days. Interesting walls, and an earthquake painting from the Botero Museum. …Click here to see more images


Loose Your Wallet?

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Returned to Colombia for a week and a half for a small tour through Bogota and Neiva with Chris Farmer thanks to Proyecto Sur.  There are so many awesome random things you come across on a day to day basis, so it’s nice to always keep a camera handy.  Yesterday we were walking …Click here to continue reading


Roll’s Magazine just arrived October 14, 2010

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Had an envelope sitting at my door today with a cool French postage stamp on it.  That could only mean one thing … the new Roll’s mag is out.  I was kind of shocked how fast it got here.  Just a few weeks ago I flew out to Washington to meet up with the Vibralux tour, and the first day we had to knock out an ad for Don.  My day started in New York at 4am, flew straight to Seattle, went from the airport to skate spots, got an image Don was happy with, and got it uploaded and into design and ready for press all in less than 24 hours.  I barely …Click here to continue reading


Jeromy Morris October 13, 2010

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I got a text this afternoon from Jeromy Morris, with some photos of his new artwork.  If you’d like to see it I highly recommend you check out his blog here.  I figured for my daily update it would be fitting to use an image we have shot in the past.  This was taken over a year ago in Kansas City.


Puerto Lopez, Ecuador October 12, 2010

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Bright colors and textures abound all over south America.  After extending a Montanita trip, I took a day trip with my friend Matias to Puerto Lopez.  We took a boat out to an island, snorkeled, had fresh ceviche made on board.  Walking back to catch a bus, I spotted this wall and snapped this photo.


From the Redwoods October 11, 2010


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Ah, the redwoods.  One of my favorite places on earth.  This was taken on my first trip to the redwoods, and we came across this tree that was hit by lightning.  The colors and texture blew my mind.  I keep getting short day visits to the redwoods during road trips.  I’m looking forward to an extended camping trip in the future.  2011?  


More from the Archives October 10, 2010


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Just came across this image from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I was shooting a wedding for the Berg family and during a sunset cruise we had this view.  Then pirates emerged through the archway so we left.